Thursday, February 07, 2008


ya can read about what happen , over at


Anonymous said...

That one is weird and eerie and a great shot.

Robin said...

Hi Jel,

Thanks so much for your consistent support and prayers for Daniel! When his parents get time, they are going to post something to my blog about the whole experience. They are wonderful people! I posted a bunch of new pictures even to some of the older posts today also.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Beverly said...

Hi, Janice,
Hope you have a good weekend. I'll go check on Daniel now.

photowannabe said...

Thanks for the update link on Daniel. God is good and your picture of the heavens just show that.

Terry said...

Hi Jel...finally got here to see you.
I have not had any doc appointments for Dad or Mom Golden this week, so I kind of am trying to get caught up,
Not only with reading and looking at your nice pictures but to at least comment!
Next week I have about five doc appointments to take Dad to, one of them being in Hamilton, where they just want to check out on how the operation turned out.

I don't know anybody like you that can take such nice photos of the clouds.

Just went to see those pictures of Daniel and what a little sweetie he is!
He is a real trooper and Jesus is right with him!

I hope you are keeping well. I guess you didn't have a lot of power outages like you did last year, eh?
That's good because all your friends need to keep in touch with you little Sunshine!!...Love Terry

David Kirk said...

Glad Daniel is home...