Friday, February 22, 2008

I don't know about y'all , but I is ready for spring!!!!


photowannabe said...

A nice splash of color on this gray and rainy day. Thank you...

Dee Andrews said...

I'm ready for spring, too, Jan!

It's getting a bit warmer here and the grass is beginning to green up a bit, which is nice.

I LOVE your bright picture today.

Hope you are doing well. I PRAY for you all the time and miss seeing you around Finding Direction lately!

Drop by when you can.

Much love,


Greg said...

If I lived where you live, I would probably be ready as well. But here in Southern California, I've enjoyed the cool winter and the rains we've had lately (including today). We went for over a year with no rain.

ron said...

Hi Janice,

We already have a few signs of spring in South Ga. I have 3 camelia bushes in my yard which can stand freezing temps and they are beautiful ! One of the bushes the camelias look like a carnation !Apple trees bloming and my mayhaw trees also !

BTW- I hope you staying warm and cozy while you waiting on springtime ?

Beverly said...

I'm in Virginia where it's pretty cold and the trees are bare of leaves. I can see why you would be ready for spring.

Mike said...

I am ready! Wonder what is next in our weather department? Thanks for your visits Jel.


jude said...

Hi Janice,
Yes I'm ready for spring here in Ga. The trees are budding and the daffoldils are in blume.

ron said...

Hi Janice ,

Send another comment to Jude again and tell her she want get many viewers by not having her comment section open to all viewers. I ain't got a google acct. and don't want one.

Thanks much , and hope you staying warm .


jude said...

Thank you Ron I'm still learning all this. I may have to ask my daughter help finish setting up my page.

Carol said...

Hi, Janice,

Roll on some cooler weather down under, we have just about had our hot days..I am ready for jackets, think it is a long way off.Although it was a little cooler today..

Thanks for your visit.I am fine, health wise how are you doing...I have been a little busy lately.Taking a 16 day break to New Zealand next week.. so looking forward to it.

Corry said...

Sigh... and I wish we would get snow! Wanna trade!! hehe


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