Friday, February 01, 2008

please say a prayer for Daniel, today and for his family,

he is a boy who is having brain surgery this morning about 7am est time!

and a prayer for the surgeon that will bee doing the surgery ! you can go here to read about Daniel,

thank you


lisa said...

Hey girl! Praying for Daniel this morning.
Pretty picture! Hope you're having a good day.

Calfkeeper said...

Hi, will be keeping Daniel in my prayers.

As always, you have a series of great pics jel.

Keep up the good spirits.


Rulan said...

Praying for Daniel. May the Lord's glory be seen in an awesome way.

Love the great pics you have here, sis.

God bless.

Robin said...

Thank you so much for sharing about Daniel's surgery on your blog and for linking to him. Thank you and your friends for praying for Daniel. He is out of surgery now - check my blog for updates.

floots said...

my best wishes to daniel
cheers jel

Bob Bliss said...

May God bless Daniel. I visited this evening a friend of one of our members who also had brain surgery. They successfully removed a tumor.

Robin said...


Thanks for your prayers for Daniel! He's a little miracle boy!

jel said...

Glad to hear that Bob!

morning all!

it is stoming here!

Robin said...

Daniel is having a tough time - see my blog for todays update and keep praying - its a battle. His parents need the encouragement too.