Monday, March 05, 2007

Trials of life!


Pat Paulk said...

All very true!!

Lisa Leichner said...


Mornin' Jan!

Greg said...

Another nice offering from jel!

Saija said...

um, is being without internet - AGAIN - a trial? seemed like it!


Brian Nicklaus said...

nice one, I love spurgeon

have seen you around much today, hope all is well

God bless

Jim said...

I think my Bible uses "tests" like fire tests gold?
No, I didn't look. Those are nice thoughts.

Joe said...

Very well said.

But trials would be so much more fun if they weren't so trying.

Anonymous said...

That is true. It is during those times that we seem to shine.

But a word of advice to all- let God determine the trials and don't ever go looking or praying for them.