Monday, March 19, 2007

this is something , our pastor wants us, to get in our heads! so I thought if I wrote it out , it would help me.

I have a hard time remembering thing that I should, remember, but not the things that I shouldn't !


Joe said...

Good stuff to put out the effort to learn!

Brian Nicklaus said...

very nice, Romans is a great book to use for evangelistic bible studies,

Terry said...

Hi Jel!! So many good verses in Romans that you have put together here!
Everyone of them a gem. Everyone of them that if a person read only ONE would surely know how they can be saved!!
Jel I always click on to your verses and most times they are magnified so nice that you can read them really well!!!

Catch you later my sunshine!!
Tomorrow is Mrs. Mac's "Little Gift's " Birthday. I want to blog the little darling!!..Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts from Romans. Don't forget that chapter 6 is in between 5 and 10 :)


Godwyn Lim said...

Sister Janice,

Thanks for checking on me:=)I love all the photos you took!

When I feel down, I will surf your site & all the lovely pictures just change my attitude towards life!

You are a born artist, a great advocate for Christ!

It's so bless to have you around:=)


Greg said...

I spent most of last year preaching through Romans. This is "stuff" we all need to get in our heads!

Pat Paulk said...

Good words to have firmly lodged in the head.