Tuesday, March 13, 2007

as in TV, there are the beloved reruns :)

well here is a rerun!

Would like to thank y'all for stopping by!

and for the comments!

have a good'n


Corry said...

You can rerun them by me any time. I can watch and read them constantly and always get something new out of them! :-)


God's Grace.

lori said...

PLT Dot is back! I enjoyed your rerun.

lisa leichner said...

I like that. Good morning, Jel!!

Greg said...

Nothing wrong with a good rerun!

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

I, too, like your "rerun" very much, Janice!

I also love the picture from the post below with the flowers and the teapot with the flowers in it. May I use it on my blog post for today? I just wrote about planting a garden.

I'll email you about it.


the Guthrie's said...

Awesome! Thanks for the perspective!