Thursday, September 22, 2011

caught this  tree,   showing off it's  muscles, yestersday  at the  park.   with  it's  top hat on.


Saija said...

now there's a smile maker!!!

blessings on ya, Jel!

john malone said...

a lovely description of the tree; you have poetry in your soul

jel said...

hey Saija,
hope all is well your way!

John Malone,
thank you!

Gregg said...

Now that is a great picture!

jel said...

thanks Gregg

photowannabe said...

Clever capture. I love oddball things like this.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. Its so appreciated.
Cold are gone but now I've gone and wrenched my knee. All I can say is ouch and am walking with a cane. Don't get old and start to fall apart!!!!