Monday, September 26, 2011

On our walk in the park, the other day.
My DH,  got  into the picture,
by taking this one.

This tree was showing off her
fall colors.  
Now we know why the other tree,
was showing off  his  muscles,and wearing  it's top hat.  :) 

* see post below


Rulan said...

Hey sis. Cool tree. Who's fishing down there at the water?

Have a great day. Blessings. :-)

jel said...

hey sis,
I think Dh did a find job, taking the shot. :)

as for who that is fishing, I don't know. there were alot of people fishing that day.

and hope your day is a blessing :)

john l malone said...

hey! I love your cheeky comment about the trees and the sexual displays they are putting on for each other. a terrific little poem could be made out of this but your comments s\ay it all :)

jel said...

guess it was cheeky , wasn't it


preacherman said...

I love fall.