Monday, July 25, 2011

some more  of summer's colors


Felisol said...

butter beautifulfly

J C said...

jel, this photo is so are so talented...btw, thanks some time back for posting the pic of you and you hubby...:) :) :)

jel said...

sending ya a hugg

Hey JC,
where have a been , long time no hear?

Greg England said...

And to think, that ugly butterfly used to be a beautiful worm!! :)

jel said...

and Greg,
just think how that beautiful worm, worked at fighting off birds , not getting steped on.
to become that ugly butterfly! :)

Anonymous said...

How did you and Jamie get so talented with photography and other things? I missed so many creative genes!! Glad you both got them so I can enjoy your talents! I can't fiqure out how to comment on his blog. Yours lets me do it easily, his keeps asking questions that I have no clue on!

Jim said...

Hi JEL ~~ Beautiful!!!
Now I know, Butterfly Heaven is in Missouri. I had always suspected.

Thanks for peeking in and checking on me. I would like your prayers too. Everything is not up to snuff. :)

jel said...

hey Jim,
I think it is the year of the Butterfly, cause there are so many this year , then I have seen in a long time!

and ya got my prayers, got to get ya back to snuff. so ya can sing for me on my bday Tuesday :)