Saturday, July 09, 2011

clouds having  some fun!

*more summer reruns


Dave said...

That one in the centre looks like a big smoke ring blown from a cigarette Jel - Dave

jel said...

hey Dave,

I thought it was a decoder ring. :)

thanks for stopping by

john l malone said...

good to hear from you again: you sort of dropped off the radar for a time but I'm glad you'rew back.

I love the clouds photo but I love your playful little miniature even more

stay in touch

Saija said...

love the pics! been thinking of ya, but i've just been away from blogland for a bit ... i even took a little weekend trip to visit my friend who's husband died a few months ago ... leo keeps the homefires burning while i'm gone - though it's a bit too warmm out for homefires these days!!!!

big (hugs) and blessings on ya!

Jim said...

Such a pretty blue speckled sky on top of a beautiful green! I didn't even notice the two cars until I made the photo 'bigger.'