Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer time!!!!!!


Beverly said...

Hi, Janice,
What a pretty photo. Hope you're doing well. I've all but quit blogging...went over to Facebook, and that takes most of my time.

Dave said...

Hi Jel. A nice flower picture. Do you know what they are? I think they grow wild in people's gardens here - Dave

Anonymous said...

Pretty, where did you capture this pic? Wish we could get a computer set up for you @ mom's!

jel said...

we are doing good here,
sorry to hear, ya made that move!
have lost alot of blogger friends to fb. hope you are well!

hi Dave,
we call them purty weeds here :)

hey sis,
that would be nice but it cost to much, , I took the shot doing down the low side of the circle, at mom's