Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Dr Tom Bibey said...

Beauty, beauty, beauty, Luv it. B

Jim said...

Very pretty, but the clouds look like they are in an ugly mood!
I am hoping they won't be making more water for the angry rivers you have.
Also hope you are safe from the water.

A week ago we came down through Missouri going from Center Point, Iowa (just north of Cedar Rapids) to Alexandria, Louisiana. That took us from Springfield to Little Rock.

My sister lives in Center Point.

jel said...

Hey Doc,
thanks for stopping by , glad ya like the shot.
Hang in there, God aint though with ya let! :)

jel said...

Hi Jim , Mrs Jim
hope ya had a good trip, ya know ya was just about 50 some mile from us when ya went though Springfield, :)

with all that rain, we could use some more, here. it is hot and dry
take care