Sunday, August 08, 2010

last monday was my bday, and DH, took the dayoff, and we went to Bennett Springs State Park, we left home early in the morning , before it got to hot to be out .
seeing that we don't live that far from the park.
we got there in time to have a very good morning.
mom, dh and I had a bite to eat.
Then I got to get so picture taking in :)
there were a lot of people fishing , so I went fishing to , and here is my catch of the day!
click on the picture and u can see it .


Jingle said...

fishing is fun,
Happy Belated Birthday...

you have caught something amazing,
great shot.

Anonymous said...

Mom sounded like you all had a good time! Kiss that hubby for taking you both out. Talk to little bro on youngest sis'bd. That is a very cool shot. He would take great braked with lemon!

Beverly said...

That sounds like a good birthday! Belated returns.

Kathy said...

Lovely shot!

jel said...

thank you all berrry much

donna said...

Sorry I missed your birthday...Happy Belated one....hope it was blessed....sounds like it was!