Thursday, August 12, 2010


Kathy said...

That looks so refreshing, especially on a day like today!

jel said...

hey kathy,
ya got that right, it's 98 here,
try to stay cool,

ya know if it's as cold this winter, as is hot this summer, it's going to hurt!

Felisol said...

I envy you. Here's 50. Same temperature as we had in December. That Gulf stream!
Still, we have some sunlight and flowers in the garden. Should not complain.
Had a mail from Terry. They're heading for home tomorrow.
Imagine; they have been tenting. I call that sporty.
Then again, both my mother and Terry have Bonanza as their favorite tv series.
Toughies are made from such stuff.

David Kirk said...

I can hear the water! Thanks!

Jingle said...

the water is cool,
it is nice to watch it ...