Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Jim said...

This is a wonderful picture.
My grandmother used to take me to the Bennett Spring Fish Hatchery when she lived in Missouri. I loved to do that with her.
This fellow isn't fishing in the hatchery, he is out in the creek.

jel said...

this spot is just outside of the park,

if they catch ya fishing in the hatchery, your goose is cooked !

Beverly said...

A lovely photo...not a winter scene, is it!

jel said...

hey Bev,
no it's not , it's afall one :)

Jingle said...


how are you?
I find your link in about me section,
hope that you enjoy a beautiful day!

A golden cup award for you.

Rulan said...

wow. This is so pretty. I hope I get to see it for real one day.