Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what is it?
i will tell what i thought it was later.


Dee Andrews said...

Been from the deep south, it looks to me like an alligator, although with the long snout/nose, much more like a crocodile!

Those were my first impressions when I saw the photo.

Mike Simmons said...

It looks like a either a big dead tree limb or tree but you probably want to know what it looks similar to. I'm not sure but it's interesting and has nice back lighting.

jel said...

that's a good guess Dee,

I thought it looked like a spoonbill fish ,

hey Mike S,
it is a tree limb come from the bank of a river, and yes that's what i was asking :)
and thank you

Ji said...

beautiful post,
awards for you.
Happy Friday!