Friday, December 11, 2009

we haven't had a good snow storm in a very long time.
the past few years , all we have had, has been ice storms, and i don't like ice , even in my drinks!
so this picture was take a couple of year s ago.
this ceder tree reminded me of a thing that could have been on the " Twilight Zone"


Walt said...

There's that cardinal again. Fess up, Jel, you've got a stuffed one you move around when shooting pictures.

That IS quite a snowfall and the mutant cedar is neat.

jel said...

nope Walt,

were is more then one red bird, at our house, and they are stuff with the bird seed that they eat! :)

Stoogelover said...

My wife loves snow. I've seen about all of it I ever care to see, except from a distance. The snow capped mountains near our house give me plenty of snow-seeing to keep me happy. The Wife wants to drive up to the snow on the mountains and play in it.

Fred said...

This reminds me of the four years I spent at college in Oswego, NY. I don't miss the snow at all, but I fondly remember my time in the snow belt.