Wednesday, December 02, 2009

i went out the other night, and took some pictures.
when I downloaded it to the pc, they came out black. so i lighten this
one , it started out looking like it had
red spots all over it. didn't like it.
so i played around with it somemore,
and this is what happen !


Beverly said...

A neat photo, jel.

Anonymous said...

So when did you start taking the "night" shots?
The stars in the previous one is that through a standard lens?

jel said...

thanks Beverly

AW, i take pictures any time of the day or night :)

as for these 2 shots, i took them with a digital camera with 3xzoom
(i'm not a fan of the digital cam)

after i took them you couldn't seem anything on the frame, so i went in and lighting them and turned the star shot to BW.

Bill said...

Your ability with a camera in getting the right shot is amazing. I admire your work.
I thank you for the comment you left me over on my blog. It was really nice to hear from you. i really am "memory guy" it is nice to get the little reminders of friends to visit.

jel said...

morning Bill,
thank you, and thanks for stopping by,

hope V's mom is doing better.

photowannabe said...

Nice "snow storm" JEL. Sometimes is fun to fiddle around with a shot and bring it back to life.

Jim said...

Hi JEL, you did good in rescuing that picture! We are supposed to look like snowy Missouri tomorrow afternoon here in Houston. :-)

Kathy said...

Absolutely beautiful!