Saturday, May 10, 2008

read between the lines :)


Amrita said...

Adorable. Fit for mother 's Day too

Carol said...

A mothers love is something special..

Anonymous said...

You okay, friend? Even though I have not been near a computer to express it-you have been in my thought and prayers this weekend.

Tom said...

Wonderful Picture. You seem to always capture something special.


Anonymous said...

Glad your family weathered the weather. Pray for those who were in the middle of it.


Mike M said...

This is a very cute picture.

jel said...

hi amrita, thanks
hope all is well with ya!

hey carol, i like your new blog!

hope ya had a nice mom's day sue!
and thank U

hey tom, thanks

yup AW, were have been blessed that nothing as bad as the other people have or are going though
with them storm that have going though!
take care

good to C ya mike , are ya still working 24~7 :)

caerberu now works from home said...

nice! I like this.

Happy Mother's day everyone!

lisa said...

So adorable!!! I love it!

Robin said...

Love it! Great for Mother's Day!

photowannabe said...

Perfect shot for Mother's Day. hope you were all safe.