Sunday, May 18, 2008

I went on a trip this weekend, it was an reading trip

just got back from "The Shack" by William P. Young

has any one read this ? if not, it would be worth your time.

it's about a Man on a vaction with 3 of his youngsest kids , and something happens to one of them,

and it sends the father into an Great Sadness, for 4 years, and in that 4th year he gets an note,

from God,

I don't want to tell ya to much , reading it would be better ! :)

if ya do let me know what ya think!

here is the website , to check it out!

thank you!


Bob Bliss said...

I get a note from God every now and then. It says, "I'm still here. Trust me."

lisa said...

Aww, Dad, that's beautiful!!

Looks like an interesting book, Janice. I'll have to check it out.

jel said...

that is cool dad uh Bob, I mean ;)

and yes Lisa it was!


Anonymous said...

Howdy Jel
Plan on gettin the book.

Jim said...

I read a couple of your reco's, they were good. Dining (??) with Jesus and it's sequel.
I'm not sure of this one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit and link, jel. I look forward to reading this book.

Andrew Clarke said...

Thanks for the visit, jel. Keep in touch.

Robin said...

Jel - I read the book and enjoyed it tremendously. There were some parts that theologically didn't completely mesh for me, but I still think reading the book was good for me. I posted about it twice at my Reading Room blog and have corresponded with the author and shared some of his correspondence on my blog too. I also recommend the book.

McPilgrim said...

I've read the book. I have to agree w/ Robin: I don't think all the theology settles right with me, but then, it's pretty apparent that the book wasn't written as a theological textbook. It's written to tell a story that will change how I see God, and how I FEEL about Him.

In that it succeeded wonderfully. I'm starting it again tomorrow.

Thanks for the recommend!

Andrew Clarke said...

Your pictures are fascinating! I wish I had a larger computer screen so I could see the images in greater size! Joy to the Lord.