Saturday, August 04, 2007

took this on the way in to town the other day!

couldn't wait to share it!

it's a hawk


Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Neat picture. BTW thanks for all of the kind huggs that you have left on my blog. They ALWAYS make me smile.

dot said...

That's a really good picture. I love the blue skies. Ours have been smoggy gray for a while.

preacherman said...

Beautiful pic.
I hope you had a great weekend.
I also have a blessed week this week as well. I love seeing all the new pictures on your blog they are inspiring.

photowannabe said...

Nice shot. I like the simple look of it.

Gordon Cloud said...

Nice picture, Janice. I've been trying to get back into wildlife photography this summer after having my camera in storage for about 15 years. It sure is fun isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Wow! great shot


Terry said...

Thanks for the hugs Jel
Would you mind if I give a few of them to my Mom and Dad and Gracey?
How many did you send to me?...Love Terry

Jim said...

Hi JEL, I love to watch those hawks and vultures. Several will soar together high and out back of our house over the golf course for maybe 20 minutes before the fly out of site.

I'm glad you visited today. This will be my last blog for a while, I'm hoping to resume in October.
There are a lot of things I need to get done around here first. Also we plan to return to Scotland September 11 and return the 25th.
I'm hoping to keep on posting Wordless Wednesday pictures on or before Wednesdays to my picture blog, JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO HOLDER, for a while. At
Karen wanted some 'Adi Can' posts so they will go there too.

Neva said...

I just tagged you, sis. Sorry to be so ornery but the rules were I was supposed to tag eight people.
The other rules are on my post today.

love ya

preacherman said...

I'm sipping on a my second sup of 24 oz of coffee looking at the hawk, I wonder which dead tree he is going to fly to next.

Mike M said...


Saija said...

love the way you caught the feathers on the wing! beauty!