Friday, August 03, 2007

sometime this weekend,please say a prayer for the familys , that lost loved ones , in Minneapolis.
and for all the lost and sick!
and for all that will be on the roads this weekend, that they have a safe trip .
thank you!


Mike M said...

Great picture!!

Guess what? You won Mikie's Friday Funbags!!! I will have your award ready by tomorrow morning. Check the original post for your award.

Mike M said...

It's very easy. I'll post your award with instructions on putting it on your blog

Felisol said...

Dear Jel,
sorry I have been offline for a week and thus missed your birthday.
Hope you had a great day and were celebrated as you deserve.

Very artistic picture.
It really expressed what we all felt seeing that bridge collapse.
But there were wonders too. The yellow schoolbus with children where noone got hurt..

We'll never get an answer to all our whys. That's not how the Almighty works.
I will of course pray for those who lost their loved ones, and for the safe return for my daughter, who this weekend is helping a friend out moving to university.

Have a nice weekend.
From Felisol

jel said...

mike , telling wont help , I'm one of them people ya have to show how to do something ! thanks anyway!

jel said...

glad to see ya around, hope all is well,


and blessings

Bob Bliss said...

Janice, it is a tragedy. It's even more so since it appears it might have been avoidable. I pray for their comfort.

Hope you had a good birthday yesterday. It was my day off and since it was raining I vegged most of the day.

jel said...

that's true Bob,

this has been bugging me since this has has happen, just how many of them knew the Lord, I never thought about it before, was sorry that they died , but never thought about where they would end up, but here lately, when I hear of someone passing, I wonder if they knew the Lord,

sorry for getting so heavy ,but it has been on my mind!

anyway glad ya got some rain,and ya got to vegged out! :) it was raining on us on the way home from town, but it was still very dry and hot at home, but about dark we got a lite rain,

Saija said...

leo's cousin lives in minneapolis ... and we've been over that bridge many a time in past years ...

there is nothing that is allowed to happen in a random way ... God knows the good that can come out of even these types of tragedies ...

((hugs)) blessings to you jel, with the tender heart ...