Thursday, June 07, 2007

God is sooooo good!
Billy is home ,

the power of prayer!


Neva said...

I am so happy for his parents. I am sure they are rejoicing today.
Thanks for letting us join in prayer for this little one.

Mike M said...

Well come home Billy!!

Corry said...

To God be the glory for answering our prayers! :-)


God's Grace.

Mike M said...


We are going to miss you with The Experiment. You do have to be a professional writer. Just someone who likes to write.

There is still time!!!!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear that.
have a blessed day!


donna said...

thanks janice...for the visit and hugs and praying for billy

Bob Bliss said...

Glad to hear about Billy's return. God is indeed good.

lisa said...


Jim said...

Yes, he's home. But they didn't say how he is doing?

jel said...

Jim, the last I heard he was doing ok! :)

thank you all for your prayers,

for billy and his family!

Terry said...

Oh that Billy boy.
What a blessing that everybody's prayers were answered!!
You are a gem Jel!!...Love Terry