Monday, June 11, 2007


Neva said...

These are beautiful. Ned says they remind him of where he grew up in Tennessee. They are really great pictures. Have a beautiful day my friend,

donna said...

they remind me of the road that led to my grandparent's house....which wasn't that far from you Janice....I should try to find pictures of the old homestead...


Anonymous said...

i love the misty,, foggy fotos

guess what..
I am a goober, after a month, I finally went into a dark room at night to retrieve the last roll of film I took that I thot was broken off inside. and when I opened it, it was fine, rolled up inside the cannister like normal.

should have some pics of ducks sometime this week


Mike M said...

Simply beautiful!!


Corry said...

That's a very mistical picture! :-)


God's Grace.

photowannabe said...

These pictures look like water colors. They would make a great pair of framed pictures for the wall.

Jim said...

I'm liking these fog surrounded bird house pictures, JEL.
A home-made one using an old wood fence board would look nicer in the first pretty garden than that first on with the red plastic appuratus.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I wish I was standing on this road right now.

Terry said...

Dear Jel...What is really surpising to me is why that Fisher guy hasn't swiped your last two pictures for his "green" posts on his own blog!!
They are both so nice!..Love Terry