Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Terry said...

Dear Jel..I wanted to write to you so bad but I just couldn't get on to your site.!
Usually , I just click on to you from David's site and get there right away or from my own site but It just wasn't working.
And then I saw it..I wasn't signed in!
I guess the Blog site is making us sign in now if we haven't gone Beta.
So far they have taken off my archives and now this.
I am really bad for liking changes but I guess pretty soon I WILL be having to change to Beta but I will hold out as long as I can.
I made the mistake a couple of days ago og downloading Windows Explorer 7 and what a lot of trouble I got with that!!
Lost my outlook express for a while and even lost my musicmatch program.
Bernie had to buy me a new program, one that I can make cds out of records and cassettes.
I changed my site to firefox and it has improved things. That is what my server told us to do. They said that people are haivng a lot of trouble with that Explorer 7.

Jel you have such lovely pictures.
They are SO calming.
I am surprised that that David Fisher hasn't swiped one yet and put it on one of his postings!
Well when he gets to feeling better, he most certainly will be at his old tricks again.

Well you have a nice day friend.
I have to work tonight 7 until 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon,
Shoot!!! No computer either!!...Love Terry

Jel..The first thing I am going to do after mailing this to you is to put your site on my desktop!!

jel said...

Hey Terry,
I try to e-mail ya but it came back! you take care !


floots said...

gorgeous atmospheric pic
thank you

Fred said...

Nice picture. It makes me wish I was hiking there right now.

Pat Paulk said...

There always seems to be hope when the sun is shining in Winter.

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture jel. You are so good with a camera.
Tell terri that i did switch to that beta thing and i don't know how to post picture now plus I have to sign in every time i try to post on my blog or anyone elses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jel ~ Thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate your expression of sympathy and blessings. Take care, Merle.

rbj said...

Hey JANICE this picture reminds me on them cold mornings that I used to go shoot ducks. About 25 degrees and a little fog makes them fly low. Thanks ! RON.

Jim said...

A very pretty picture. Our place looked like that this morning.
We had to drive into Houston (two cars) this morning at 4:15. That takes an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the medical center.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I wish I were going for a walk near that tree right now, it makes me want to take a deep breath of fresh morning air.