Monday, June 26, 2006

this was taking on a Christmas morning,

a few years back, we didn't have any snow that month,

My husband was out side that morning, and he yelled at me to come and see what was going on,

When I went outside, this is what I saw! the clouds looked so low , you could all most touch them, It was an Awesome sight :)

have a great day!


Godwyn Lim said...

Wonderful creation of our Daddy in Heaven Amen?!

Jesus is our great God, how great is our God! God speed...

jel said...

it is , and he is!

Brother, thanks you for stoping by!

take care

Pastor Josh said...

That is an awesome picture. And people say that God isn't real. Shame on those people. What an imagination God has. By the way I got your emails. The link you sent me didn't come up. So I'm not sure what's wrong. Maybe you spelled it wrong by accident.

Rulan said...

Oh, wow, that is beautiful.
I wonder if God paints the sky and then watches to see His children come out and adire it.

Radical One said...

simply beautiful! thanks for sharing.


Merle said...

H Jel ~~ What great photos you post
So much color and action in this one.
Thanks for your visit and good wishes for Kathy. She should be OK, saw her
doctor today and goes again Friday. On
different anti-biotics.
Take care, Merle.

Beverly said...

Hi, janice, great picture...I read your comment on Gordon't blog. My parents always made a pot of hot coffee when they got home from work in the afternoon to cool them off...guess it made them perspire. I haven't ever quite picked up that practice.

jel said...

Hi Josh, Rulan, Lisa,
God does do good work don't he :)

Merle, hope kathy does well on the new antibiotics! and thank you for stopping by here!

Hi, Beverly, I have been dranking coffee, since i was a kid :)

Blessing to you all!

Mark D said...

That's one of the coolest pics I have ever seen!

floots said...


jel said...

hey mark d, God does make purty clouds don't he! :)

howdy floots , thanks for stopping by here!

take care you 2 have a great weekend

Osquer said...

Wow! Those colors are amazing.