Tuesday, June 27, 2006

this picture was taking on our walk to the river, when we went fishing back in May. can you see what i see?

will post our fishing trip wed, if i can!

have a great day


curious servant said...

That's nice!

Thank you for your comments lately.

I hope to keep posting on our trip... but we'll see how that goes.

Take care.

jel said...

Hey CS, thanks for stoping by!

God's speed!

Rulan said...

Cool photo. Such a pretty golden cross.

Looking forward to some fishing photos. God bless.

Mark D said...

Have a great day yourself! I love to fish when the mosquitos aren't biting.

jel said...

rulan, sas soon as I get done here,
i will try to post some! :)

hi ya mark d, good to see you!

they have spray for mosquitos :)

thanks you 2 for stopping by!