Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well here I am!
now what do I do? I'm not a writer,I have neverplayed one on TV.
I'm not a very good speller, never claim to be! I don't have much to say,
and when I do shock myself , and others to!
There are a lot of wonderful blogs out there, and have made a few good friends,
along the way,
Like I said before I not a writer, and can't put in word, what God has gave to me
but would like to try, with the picuters that I take, and would like to share them with
you! to God be the glory!


Rulan said...

Janice, it looks to me like you made a fine start. I see you worked out how to get the word verification set up. cool.
May the Lord bless you greatly.

John said...

Way cool, Janice. Go for it!

jel said...

Rulan, hi thanks for stoping by.
and thanks for the help :)

hey John, thanks for the visit,
stop by anytime, talk about coming out of the comfort zone,

have a great day all ! :)

curious servant said...

It will be fun to see this place develop!

jel said...

Hey CS, thanks so much for stoping by. only God know where this will lead, but you know where ever he leads, it will be a wonderful trip!
have a great day!

bjk said...

Will be looking forward to seeing your photography....and thoughts...

M. C. Pearson said...

Hey Janice! Welcome to the Blog World...deep will never be the same. Mmmwahahaha *maniacal laughter* I'm glad you decided to do it!