Tuesday, February 28, 2006


behind my mom and dads place there is a crick that runs past , that runs in a river.
and I love to take long walks there, one day as I was walking , I came to this spot
that I come to a lot, but that day was different so how. I stop and took this shot
and these word the Lord gave to me!


Gordon Cloud said...

Lot of memories here! Enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

jel said...

Hey Gordon,
glad you liked it!
and thanks for stopping in,
come back anytime.

Stephen Newton said...

Nice memories Jel. Thanks for visiting!

M. C. Pearson said...

Don't you ever say you aren't a writer! I love the voice of that memory...very country...very lovely.

jel said...

hey MC, thanks for stopping by,

it is a hit and miss, when I do get the words to put down!

Cameron Cloud said...

Hey j,
Great pics and blog. I'll be dropping by occasionally to see your work.

jel said...

Thanks for dropping by, Cameron,
that means alot, I'm praying that this blog will a blessing to someone, like some of the other blogs have been to me!
come back any time and sit a while!