Wednesday, March 01, 2017


march first!
can you believe  it ,  here the flowers are out.
we didn't have a winter here.  but we still could.
one day it spring, the next it is winter, then for a few days it is summer.
it has been this way all winter.
in some ways it is good and in ways it's not.


Jim said...

Hi JEL, thanks for dropping in on my blog. I am glad that you are still blogging also. I peeked in on yours a while back, I can't remember if I left a comment or not. I am glad you did on mine. Thank you.
A lot of us have had not much winter either but ONE night was cold, down into the lower 20's and did a lot of freeze damage to our back yard landscaping. First in several years a neighbor said.

Saija said...

we still have snow ... and tomorrow is the first day of spring!!! i mean, go figure, eh?!! LOL ... the Lord is good in every season (even if winter isn't my favourite) ... blessings on ya, Jel!