Tuesday, January 15, 2013


thanks for the tip  saija!


Beverly said...

Hi, Janice,
we've had some fog too, but nothing like that. Happy new year to you.

Saija said...

you're welcome!
blogger frustrated me to no end with not allowing me to post pics - until i just "happened" to notice the buttons on the side!

WOW, sure is foggy at your place! it is FREEZING at ours!


jel said...

hey Bev,
hope your year is going good!

we got a freezing rain here last weekend. we are warming up here for a few days.
thanks again, Saija

photowannabe said...

Foogy days like this remind me of most of my life living around San Francisco.
Sometimes it was "Driving by Braille"

john malone said...

wow! that fog is dense; it has a haunted quality about it; ideal setting for a ghost story :)