Sunday, July 01, 2012

too Hot!

it has been way to Hot , to get out and take any pictures.   in the 100's

so I took  a shot,  of one of my pictures , that  was  put on a canvans.
for DH, for father's day.   he made the frame for it.


Beverly said...

Try to stay cool, if that's possible. It's in the 100's where my son is, and they have no power. I told him to come on to Florida to get away from the heat.

john malone said...

where I live temperatures around the old century mark are not that uncommon in mid January and are okay; it's only on those rare occasions when the humidity is also high --- quite rare in Adelaide --- that it becomes hard to bear

Saija said...

i was wondering how you guys were doing!!! we have had temps around the 85F range and we find that HOT - i know you guys are way warmer ... try to stay cool!!!!!