Monday, March 19, 2012


how many faces to ya see?


Jim said...

JEL, I see five right now.
A deer in the center and a witch in the upper left.
Then there is a pig in the lower center and a big dog with his mouth open in the upper right.
The dog's upper jaw seems to be formed like a little sheep's head.

john malone said...

I can see one; wait a minute, there's a second and a third! what a remarkable photograph; what is it of and did you come across it accidentally?

jel said...

hey Mr. Jim,
there are alot of faces, the more ya look at the more ya find.
thanks for stopping by.

John M.
if ya look at the shot below this one it is part of that picture
my dh was showing the this big rock with a tree root growing though it. and when i got the pictures back , this is what we saw. :)
thanks for dropping by.

photowannabe said...

It looks like a big rams head in the center. Fun to find the hidden pictures.
hubby and I often do that with clouds.

jel said...

so do we :)