Monday, January 16, 2012


yes, reposting a picture,
 for a few reasons.
1~ no snow
2~ been sick


john malone said...

it's a lovely clear picture of clear blue skies; calm and optimistic.

there's been no snaow where my son lives in Austria either

Beverly said...

Do you wish for snow? or are you glad it's not there. A lovely photo...feel better.

jel said...

hey J Malone,
thanks for stopping by.

hi Beverly
yes and no , we need the snow, but i don't care if we don't get it. and thank you, still got a bad cough

Rulan said...

Hi sis. Sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you feel much better fast. Little-bit cave me a bug so I'm coughing and sneezing here at the moment.

Beautiful photo. I would love one day to come visit.

God bless you, sis. :-)

jel said...

hey sis,
thanks for stopping by.

sorry to hear that you and little~bit have a bug!
take care