Monday, December 12, 2011

a christmas card 2 U who ever ya R

  take care,
will see ya
 next year
Lord will~in and
 the creeks don't rise!  :)


Felisol said...

Oh, I'm waiting for my girl to be home for Christmas, through a rough blizzard. She and her dad shall be surrounded by the Lord's mighty arms.
So shall you, jel.

Saija said...

lovely seen jel!!!
can you believe that that time is almost here???
we've had very little snow (about an inch on the ground) - which i am quite happy about - i'm sure that jan-march will more than make up for the quiet start ...

blessings on ya!

jel said...

hi Felisol,
thanks for coming by ,
hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

hey Saija,
thank you too for stopping by
hope you and Leo have a warm and safe Christmas and new year

Corry said...

We hope and pray you and Stan have a wonderful, abundantly blessed Christmas!!!!

God's Grace.

Anonymous said...

Poor ole Nevada is dry as a bone! We got a few warm sprinkles 2 nights ago, just enough to mess up the windshield! This is the warmest, driest Christmas vacation, yet! Don't want to think about what our summer will be like!