Friday, August 12, 2011


Jim said...

This is a neat series. I can't decide if it is different 'touch ups' or a time lapse.
Seeing the difference between the bottome picture and the top, my educated guess is time lapses.

Thank you for checking in on me. I put a current knee picture (today's) on at the bottom of the blog. It is progressing nicely.

jel said...

morning Jim,
glad to hear that your knee is progressing nicely. :)

and good guess, I just started shooting from the first click to last click was avout 20mins.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics!

Saija said...

love your lily header ... that's lovely ... :)

hope all is well with you guys ... leo & i are doing ok - we've had a hot summer - i'm so thankful for a/c ... !!!!! wheewh!