Friday, February 18, 2011

last week it was -10 * with  alot of snow,

this week it's  65*  and  the mudd has replaced the snow!


donna said...

we had spring for one back to our regularly scheduled cold, snow, wind...I LOVE winter!

Rulan said...

wow. That looks cool. I wish we could have some cooler weather here.

I got my pc back, but I lost all my bookmarks and most of my email addresses. I'm getting there though.

Miss you sis. I hope all is well.

David Kirk said...

I love the snow, it's much better than the mud!

photowannabe said...

You know we are having crazy weather too. What a temperature difference!
Our mornings are 34* and then we have a "heat wave" of 60* then its frosty and cold again. No snow but rain and for us its cold.
Stay warm and Spring will soon be here.

Dave said...

OK. That's a good picture Jel - Dave