Monday, October 18, 2010

somemore fall shot from around home


Saija said...

our leaves are bare already ... don't want to think of snow yet ... i love seeing colour, rather than that white canvas!

blessings on ya!

photowannabe said...

Nice to see Fall arriving. Ours is so slow in coming this year. We had to go to the mountains to see some color.

Dee Andrews said...

Jan - I just LOVE all of your photos!! Wish we had that many "fall" pictures in south Mississippi right now, but alas, we still have mostly green, with a few brown leaves falling off some of the trees.



Anonymous said...

Ok, Now you went and done it! I'm very homesick!! Put a pic of a deer upside down, a pumpkin pie and I will be crying and rocking my blues away!!

Rulan said...

Beautiful. I love fall and the colors it brings. Summer is almost here in NZ. I would love a white Christmas. :)