Friday, June 25, 2010

what I saw this morning


Beverly said...

Those are lovely. I don't too often see the sunrise. lol

Darnie said...

Your photo's are breathtaking!

jel said...

Thank you Darnie,

I like to share what
"The MAN" up stairs with me! :)

hi Bev,
thanks for stopping by

photowannabe said...

Aren't clouds fascinating? The way our house is pointed we don't see many sunsets and I don't get up early enough most days to see the sunrise. So I have to live vicariously through others. (:0)

Darnie said...

I rarely go on my blog, but I noticed today you left a message.

My stories are too long to blog. I've been writing a book for 3 years and no where near finished.

I go on the "Old Geezers" blog everday. He is my brother. I see your comments and you have such a sweet spirit. I love the connection you have with Terry.

I'll see you at OG's place.


Greg England said...

You didn't tell us what you "saw" in the clouds.