Sunday, October 25, 2009

did ya hear that?


Anonymous said...

When does deer season start? They won't get much done on the shop then.
Great shot for a camera or a gun!

preacherman said...

Is that venison I smell. :-)
Jel...I hope you have a great day.

Rev. Mike said...

Save me some backstrap!

Jim said...

Please don't shoot Bambi! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great picture. Makes you ant to go into the woods and lust watch and listen. I love to hunt but more than hunt I love to just be in the woods, especially this time of the year.
Sonny O.

Anonymous said...

Boy I said, "lust" and I said "ant" for want. You know I meant "just" I need to read before I hit the button.

jel said...

hey sis,
with all this rain the work has stoped :(

hi preachman,rev, and jim
The only hunting i do is with a camera! ;)

howdy sonny,
I knew what ya meant, :)