Saturday, August 15, 2009

here is three of the pictures that i took to make that one picture from my last post!


Saija said...

oohhhhhhh ... cooolllll !

Anonymous said...

hey sis, i am still alive
and I like hummingbirds, we had a feeder in Ark, but tried it here and haven't seen many of them, at least not in our neighborhood
great pics, as usual

God bless

Janice Garrison said...

Great pics, I have some of hummers and they aren't this good. Mine look more like crosses. :)

Kathy said...


Coy said...

Cool work putting all of those hummers into one shot.

Thanks so much for your nice comment at Country Captures and especially for the linkage.

jel said...

thanks y'all !

Anonymous said...

You are getting very tricky with putting your photos together! My talented little sister! I've been back at work with meetings and setting up my new math materials. Children will be there Monday! Jim had another attack last night. I think it was the spice in a whole grain muffin my friend had made him! He is very weak, today!
Hope Mom and all are well!