Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my new friends!
U2 can have friends like these,
all ya need is this
1 can small ripe olives
1 can L ripe olives
2 big carrots
8 oz of cream cheese
and some toothpicks
cut open one side of the big olive, stuff some cream cheese in the open side. thats your body , the small olive is the head, for the feet you cut round disk from one carrot, for the mouth cut the other carrot into little strips and stick into the small olive, then take a toothpick and stick it though the hole thing, and there you go.
they are the life of the party! got this from a Veggie Tales movie, :)


Beverly said...

Cute. I love penguins.

Fred said...

I love your friends!

Stoogelover said...

That's a great looking dish ... but I hate olives!

nannykim said...

So cute...but I am off of cream cheese...and I don't think tofu would be too great--but who knows...maybe I could improvise ;-0

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try it with the Grandbabies! We try some cooking project each time we have them. This will be a good one and they love olives!
We've made a ladybug with apples, peanut butter (for glue, grapes for the head, raisins for the spots, and stick pretzels for the antennas. They loved it!