Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was shaken when i took this shot,
puts me in mind of the book "THE OATH"
IT SCARED me soo much that for the longest time , i would
freeze in place when a shadow would fly over my head !
I told a friend about it , and he laughed ! :?


Jim said...

I laughed too. You poor girl. Maybe you could sell this for a mystery book cover picture ('It was a dark and foggy night, very still and quiet out ... when all ...').

I like your new telephoto lens for your camera. I would like one but have limited myself to a pocket camera. I take so many pictures over 15,000 in the last three years. Everyone know I will have a camera in my pocket wherever I am.

jel said...

thanks Jim,

I can laugh at it now ,

that shot is a very foggy morning :)

have a good day!

Mike M said...

Jel, you have a beautiful eye for amazing views