Saturday, December 20, 2008



Saija said...


are you getting the cold and snow too? it sure is turning into an old fashioned Christmas!

blessings on you!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best this Christmas and a blessed New Year!

God bless you and your family! ♥

Saija said...


Terry said...

Dear Sunshine
Just in finally to wish you and Stan Happy Holidays for what is left of it!
The time has flown by so quickly and I am still a long ways from visiting everybody!
Although we did have a white Christmas this year, Christmas day itself was just pouring down sunshine!
Really really beautiful and really really safe for traveling from house to house. We just had to watch the ice because it was slippery in spots.
Boxing day it rained and with temperature in the 40's, a lot of the snow has melted!!
I hope that your Mom is doing better and that she had a good Christmas..
Take care Bernie's and my little ray of sun and God bless...Love Terry and Bernie

preacherman said...

I hope you have a great Christmas and Holidays!

Robin said...

Merry Christmas Jel!

You have some creative pictures! Keep it up!

byhisgracealone said...

Merry Christmas to you Jan


Fred said...

Hope you had a great Christmas, Jel, and Happy New Year!

Terry said...

Dear Jel...Thanks so much for the email sent to me via Donna!
Sorry if my outlook express kept throwing it back at you!!
Not nice!
Happy New Year Sunshine!...Love Terry