Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Husband is of Irish descent, and I'm told that I'm of Welsh descent.

anyway , the Festival is a two day deal, Friday~Sat.

Friday is a Golf Tournament, then friday nite starts it off , with the Calling of the Clans and

the Gaelic Blessing. We havn't been to this let, maybe next year we can.

Saturday starts at 9:am and goes all day. They have a hold schedule of Events , from singers and Dancers, parade of the Tartans, a Formal Ceremony with a Pipe Band. there was the Highland games, workshops, Art ~Animals, Food, WE love some of the food , they had, fish~chips , Scones, Toad~in~the~hole, Scotcheggs, (were the ones that we liked the best)

and the Cookies were out of this world , and i will tell about them later

here are some pictures , I think are Central High School Kilties , and some of the pipe Band

some of the pictures are fuzzy and done for a reason as was some of the backs of the people


Robin said...

Great pictures - I always like seeing the kilts.

Robin said...

I like your new header picture - cool.

Also I see your listing of books on the sidebar... I greatly enjoyed all of Randy Alcorn's fiction and all of his non-fiction that I've read so far.

Mike said... should have gone!