Tuesday, March 18, 2008


jel said...

this is not today's weather, but it is raining, and if this rain was snow, it would be ten foot!

Rulan said...

Hi sis. I've missed coming to visit. Your place is so peaceful and beautiful. I am so glad you blog and that we are friends.
God bless you, dear sis. :)

Bob Bliss said...

Hey, it was in the 80s here in Central Florida. That white stuff is only seen in pictures around here.

David Kirk said...

jel: Thanks for the picture. West Texas got no snow this winter, except flurries!

jel said...

hey sis thanks good to see ya here!

Bob, it was in the 50's here yesterday, and has rain for a day 1/2 , and like i said , if it had been snow, we would have been up to out necks! thanks for stopping by

hey David,
glad ya like the picture, and thanks , take care!

Anonymous said...

Are you okay up there? Do you have the boat out and ready yet? We are thinking about y'all and praying for you. Stay dry. ;)

jel said...

morning Sue! it has stopped raining here for now, but the waters are still high, there were someplaces in Mo, that got over
10ins. of rain!

thanks 4 the prayers!

Robin said...