Sunday, January 20, 2008

heard a new song today

"The Broken Ones"

Talley Trio sung it!

boy was it good!


Corry said...

I so love your pics. The ones where the pond is frozen over are great too.

I hope you are doing well, sis.

Come here.... (((HUGS))):-)

God's Grace.

Saija said...

i just wrote a long note ... and poof, it's gone!

love the pic! keep taking them to bless our hearts!!!

floots said...

glorious sky shots jel
thank you
have a good week

Pia said...

the picture looks like angels are about to charge right out of the clouds to my rescue. hehe... love it, jel.

AncientWanderer said...

Howdy :)
Survived the cold snap... got down to 32 ;)

Aurora Antonovic said...

I love the Tally Trio!

Beautiful photographs. It's a joy to see what you've got here.

KJKEB said...

I like just about anything by the Talley Trio!