Saturday, November 03, 2007

I love to read, and sometimes I will reread a book over and over.

And each time I do, I see things that I don't catch the first time .

It stands out more the second time, well it happen this time to! I'm rereading "Breathing Grace" and there this one part that jumped out to me. "God's grace does not always apppear as soft rose petaled comfort. sometimes grace touches us with a loving hand of pain.

When Christ's hand reaches out to guide us through a valley of pain, look carefully at the hands that are holding our's His hands are scarred etched with evidence of pain. The hands of the Creator of the universe carrys the wounds of love for his children. They are the scares of grace"

since I have been here in blogland , I have met,a lot of people that live with pain, day ~in~day~out . and this made me think of them, They do it with Grace!


Saija said...

that is a beautiful passage you shared ...

Beverly said...

Sometimes grace touches us with a loving hand of true. Thanks for sharing that. I believe I'll look for that book.

Have a good Lord's day.

photowannabe said...

Thanks fo the reminder about Gods scars of grace.

Mike M said...

The poem Footprints explains where He is when we are experiencing pain. It gives me chills every time I read it....because it is so true.

S.O. said...

Thank you. I read your blog but do not always say anything. I try to stay silent. When I respond to many blogs I feel foolish because I just can't seem to make much sense. Thanks for caring.
Many great pictures and thoughts come from you on this site and others as well.

jel said...

saija, thank you for stopping by.
U and Leo are very cool people!

hi Beverly, thank you,
I'm glad you had agood visit with you grandbaby, :) I hope you do get to read this book!

photowanabe, thank you berry much!

Mike M, that poem Footprints , give me the chills too!
and thank you!

it is good to see you around, thanks. and you can say want ever you want here, don't feel that way about yourself, but i do the same thing! :)

know that I'm praying for you and your family!

NaNcY said...

good post, jel!

Greg said...

Good quote. Sounds like a book worth re-reading cover to cover.

Pia said...

the same thing is true when we read the Bible. i'm sure so many of us have read the Bible from cover to cover but as we read them again, some words or phrases or even paragraphs appear as if it's the first time we're reading them. words jumps out of the pages. that's how God speaks to me most of the time.

Neva said...

Have missed visiting here.
love ya

Jim said...
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Jim said...

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BTW, you can tell I'm back. From Guatemala.
Those kids there at the orphange live with a pain not physical!

There were just under sixty kids. See the smiles, that's how many young smiles greeted us each day for the week!

Anonymous said...