Saturday, October 20, 2007

remember when!!!!!


Calfkeeper said...

Yes, I remember when my dad had an old faded blue Ford truck. We would pack a picnic lunch and go up in the mountains in the summer and cut wood. In mid-December we'd go up there and cut a Christmas tree.

Brings back memories


NaNcY said...

oh yes....when!
i remember!

like the new page layout!


Anonymous said...

Sad thing is I remember a much, much older truck that belonged to Grandpa Demon! I'd love to have it to run my grandbabies up to the pond to haul water like I did with Grandma and Grandpa! He'd hide those marshmallow candy that's rolled in toasted coconut in the glove box! What is it with me and food memories? You post this great picture of an old truck and I relate that back to food!Ha!

rrbj said...

Hi Janice,

Looks just like an old 1966 model chevy truck like I used to own ? I don't remember showing you a picture of it !

If its not a chevy please let me know ?

Blessings and wishing you a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

it's a Chevy!


Greg said...

When??? I'd love to have that truck NOW!

Mike said...

Nice shot Jel. My Dad had an old Ford for a while. My girlfriend couldn't stand it when I had to drive that truck!

Pat Paulk said...

Yes I do!!

Corry said...

Hey sis, I love your new bloglook!

No, I don't remember an old truck,or a car for that matter either, only that we didn't have a car at all. My mom never got her drivers-licence! When we went to visit family, we had to depend on the train or mom's friends to get us there. The rest was done on foot or by bike.

Hope you had a very blessed weekend, dear sis!


God's Grace.

preacherman said...

My grandad had a truck just like that one. Wow. Cool.
I hope you have a blessed week. :-)

photowannabe said...

Terrific treatment of this shot. Great composition. I wish I could say I remember but we never had a truck or lived around a barn.

jel said...

Morning all
I have enjoyed reading your comments.
When I posted this picture, and wrote "remember when". I wanted to see what some would say, about the shot it's self orwhat it and the words repesent? To me , I was with my dad, when i took this picture, he was tearing a old barn down. and now when I look at the picture,it remaind me of simpler times, the 60's and the 70's, roadtrips with dad and mom,
thank you, and have a great day!

Anonymous said...



jel said...

nope what?
have a truck?
a barn ?
remember the 60's or 70's

Terry said...

Yeh Jel!
I remember when!
When a ton of us kids would pack into the back of the truck and head on out to the beach.
Now-a-days that is against the law but it sure was good while it lasted!!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...