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I never was any good with reports in school, because I didn't know, and still don't know how to express myself, but I will try to here.

To me prayer is everthing! it is like air, you need it! and these days it means even more !

On the back of this book it says ( Prayer: Does it make any difference? explores the questions surrounding prayer that many of us wonder, but few of us know how to express.

That is what got me to get this book! I love to read and can read a book in a day or two and if it is very good, I can read it in a night! but this book took me, much longer to read, not because it was hard to get into , but there was so much to absorb. And for me I had to stop, and look up the words, I didn't understand.

This book has touch me very much or should say the stories in the book touched me.

Particularly these 3 storys

One was about the story of Martha, and Marty when they told Jesus that Lazarus was dead.

Then about a man who was copeing with his wife who has Aleheimer's

And the on that had me in tears, was the one about the time that Mr. Yancey, and his wife were on a tour of a hospital, in Nepal, that specializes in leporosy rehab. And on that tour there was a woman that was badly deformend from leopsy. She was totally blind, she would have to walk on her elbows, and drag her body to get any here. and then Mrs. Yancey bent down and hugged her, the woman leaned in and started to sing , Jesus loves me . Turns out that she was a prayer warrior!

This is a very good book, I'm glad that I read it, and I think that you will to!

God bless

and have a Great day!


Carol said...

The book sounds good,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the encouraging comments...

Bill said...

This is tremendous! I've not read the book...have not yet purchased it, but plan to do so now. Thanks, jel!

BTW, a friend of mine is hosting some discussions about this book. You might want to check out his blog at:

Blessings to you and yours,

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Hi Janice!

I’ve not read this book, but it sounds great. I did read DISAPPOINTMENT WITH GOD, by the same author. It was a loooong time ago, but I remember it was a good one.

Pastor Josh said...

Prayer is soooooo important. That's why the walls in the prisons in the bible shook and the disciples got out. You never heard in the bible the disciples or Jesus not praying. For most people think that prayer is just something quick. It's not. God wants a heart deep prayer. A prayer that can move the mountains. When we pray we don't just see the physical signs but there are also a spiritual battle going what we don't see. For the most part people think prayer is worthless. They never see the results of it. That's because they don't have faith in what they pray. They want it then and now. Not 1 oe 2 weeks down the road. If you want your family, finances, your job to go well. Get on your hands and knees and pray for them. Don't whisper. When you whisper you ain't going to rattle any walls. Talk to God like He's your own father. And when you pray for things. Never go back and say you never recieved it. Keep believing and it will come forth.

lori said...

Thank you for the book report you did an excellent job!

Jim said...

Thanks for the book reports.
While in Russia I finished your other reco's, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger and a Day with a Perfect Stranger. They were good, I liked the first one the better.
Mrs. Jim reads Yancey books, she is from Louisiana too.
Thanks for reading Billy's posts while I was gone.

BTW, I'm back now. If you like roses, read Billy's last post about his Dad's.

Kc said...

Thanks for the great report Janice.

I have to admit that most of my reading outside of scripture is usually on Church history. I might do well to read some inspirational works too. ;-)

mouse said...

I think you made a very good book report and if you were still in school you would probably get an "A" on that one.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read, "What Happens When Women Pray?" by Evelyn Christiansen? It changed my life.

Thanks for this book report.

jel said...

Hi Aurora, I haven't read it , but have heared about it !


jel said...

Thanks everyone for the comments!

have a great weekend

Inconsequential said...

Thanks for your comments :)

Anonymous said...